KL trip ; Day 1

I would apologize for the lack updates. I'm sorry, I'm such a dead blogger yea? Alright, I'll blog about the trip to KL last week. For your information, I went there with my sister's bf as to help sister to pack all of her stuff. Too bad, brother could not tag along.

We stayed at Boulevard Hotel. Yup, Mid Valley Megamall is just at the downstairs. ;)

We dined at Dragon-i. Yummy, I like the xiao lung bao.

The menu.

I had shi chuan mee. I don't really like it though, it's too spicy.

I forgot what's the name of this dishes. But it tastes nice.

Xiao Lung Bao. yummy yummy.

The dessert:

Mango Pudding.
At night, we had dinner at some vietnam restaurant at Mid Valley. geez, I could not recall the name of the restaurant.

Alright, that's all for today.
I'll blog about Day 2 and 3 tomorrow.


update soon.
stay tuned.


finally <333

Bboy had arrived Kuching safely on Thursday night. We went out on the next day, Friday. It was fun though. (: Oh by the way, Tyna had arrived Kuching on Thursday as well. awww.. I've met with her !

Bboy bought me...

Pocky Pocky! Nah, I don't eat them though. I will keep it =)

He bought this keychain for me. He had the same one as mine. geez.

While we were on the way to his house, he told me that he bought me a ribbon at DisneyLand.
I was like, "wth..." He wants me to tie up my hair la. Geez. But I always give him an excuse that I do not have any rubber band so cannot tie my hair la. HAHA. thats why -__-









He forced me to tie my hair. If I dont do so, he'll use this to tie his hair and go out with me.
By the way,

Yeah, lunch box. Nothing wrong right? Looks girly or not? Yes, this lunch box belongs to him.


We went to buy goldfish. Mwhahahaha, one died already this morning. Should be too cold la, the goldfish cannot tahan. Oh well, he on the air conditioner and fan at the same time. THATS WHY LA!


Today, Tyna and I met up with each an other at the Spring. Trust me, she's pretty in real life :) We had drinks and chit chatted at Secret Recipe. After that, we wandering around the shopping mall. Quite boring tho. No, I mean the Spring is boring. We've got no where to shop. hahaha. Of course, we do take pictures. :))

The pretty her and the ugly mee.

We've got no place to take pictures and Tyna decided to go to the fitting room. lolx. :) Fun and yet tired, but it's worth of it.

That's all. Goodnight y'all !


I would apologize for the lack updates.
Friends called me out for drinks last night. FYI, IM SO BORED AT HOME LA!
Off to the Secret Recipe (yet again!) we went, as A-tong wanted to eat cake.
So, let's the pictures do the talking aiite?

I only took a few pictures. Blahs.
Tyna is here tomorrow ! Can't wait to meet her ! :)
Bboy will be arriving here at 12am later. cant wait cant wait!
Till then, goodnighy y'all!



Sorry for the lack updates. I wasnt in the mood to update last few days, so yeap. Anyway, bboy had off to Japan. geeeks. miss him hell load. but we managed to meet up with each other yesterday before he left ♪♪ he gave me a called this early morning as well! unexpected he could call me lar Okay, time flies.. he'll be back on next Tuesday. wheeeee ☆☆☆☆☆


Short talk : life's bored lately so there's nothing for me to update. so yeahhh. bboy is busy with the pc fair stuff. i don't know what's that about. so i have to wait him to be free.


Stay tuned

Will be update soon.
Stay tuned people!